Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm becoming one of those people who loves their dog more than is normal or healthy.

Last Monday night I was home alone with Lucy, my family's new three-year-old 100-pound Yellow Lab (who is probably crossed with a Great Dane...she's enormous). I'm so enamored with this dog. She has boat loads of personality and, although it hurts me to say it, she's so much smarter than our last dog, Woody. I sat on the floor and threw her a ball for a bit, taking a video of it on my phone so I could watch it over and over in Berkeley (what, that's weird?).

Pardon my mindless giggling and the open pantry door. I should be more embarrassed about putting this on the internet, but I love her too much to care.

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jaime gonzález said...

i love this type of dogs jejeje