Friday, February 10, 2012


Although I'm on a blog hiatus until I finish my thesis, this happened this morning and I need to write about it before it escapes my mind.

My great aunt Marion is dying. She has lived an incredibly full life, and she's been comfortable in her last days, so while it's not tragic, it's still sad. I had this conversation with my brother via text message this morning:

Me: Just got a Facebook message from John [Marion's grandson] saying she's in her final hours
Jeff: Well I'm happy for her because I'd rather her not be in pain anymore and it's also very sad
Me: So true
Jeff: She lived 93 years that's the cool part
Me: Totally. I hope we're all that lucky.
Jeff: Me too but we're already lucky because we have each other

Leave it to my little brother to put things in perspective.